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Shot by @shxdoo


Rashid Mahdi is a local videographer based out of Northern VA. He's been honing his craft for about a year so far. It's safe to say, his way of creating visuals is his way of bringing peoples ideas to life & expressing his work as a creative individual. Rashid originally started off making videos with his GoPro on his adventures with friends to local water spots/hiking trips out in Shenandoah. Overtime, he started developing a passion for videography and found hisself always finding new ways to capture visuals.

We've seen Rashid's work grow super quick throughout time & he's constantly putting in heavy work for his fellow locals. He's a humble dude & also one of our good homies. If y'all ever need any type of video or photo work, hit him up!

For more of his work, make sure you follow him on IG & check out his YouTube channel.

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