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Hi. My Name Is Stu 'STUDIGS' Holman and I Am Addicted to Underground Culture.

What’s happening guys. I’m Stu. It’s a pleasure to be working with the Simple to Society crew. I know we will get to know each other better in due time as I will be posting whats happening around the underground scene to keep the feed fresh.

What I plan to bring to this blog is a sense of the underground culture that is going on around us on a daily basis. From music to sneakers, fashion to food, not to mention the inside scoop of what is happening with SIMPLE with their releases and pop-up shop details.

I will be writing on here regularly to highlight what catches my eye. It's a lot to digest at times, I mean shit, our Instagram Feeds are endless as we get lost in the flick to view the next image trap, but we will do the best we can.

First, a little background on myself. I am a husband and a father who works full time as an IT Professional living in Charlottesville, VA. Aside from my FT position I have a few side hustles happening under my brand, STUDIGS.

I am first and foremost an Urban Portraiture / Streetwear Fashion photographer. I also run a website that started off to be a place to display my photos but eventually evolved into a place to conduct and post my interview series Capture The Creative which started back in April of 2016.

My love for photography has opened so many doors and after doing these written interviews for a few months, I started making connections around my area and surrounding cities to shoot for some underground streetwear brands. Loving everything about the underground and what I was doing spawned another venture and addition to the site; The Street Feed Podcast was born. I heavily believe that underground artists need and deserve a platform to share their story. All we hear about are main stream brands. With all due respect, they had to start somewhere too but I want to hear the underdogs' story. The brands who are trying to follow some shreds of a blueprint from the brands that inspire them.

I started interviewing for the podcast and then opened up a page on my site called the Street Feed (which is now the main page) to blog about these brands to push their releases and pop-up shops/events and to also highlight the shops that were carrying the brands you don’t normally hear about on Twitter or Instagram. I also blog about my photoshoots, and process around what I am doing.

This is how I came to find SIMPLE. Funny how relationships are built, right?. I stumbled upon Simple To Society while researching local streetwear brands. Mind you, DC is about 2+ hours from Charlottesville, so I was exploring more than just the local scene at the time. Honestly, I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them before. I featured them on my site almost instantly, downloading images from their site and Instagram account and built the post then and there. See the Write-Up here • UNDERGROUND STREETWEAR: BRAND • SIMPLE TO SOCIETY.

A few Instagram stories were commented on, Vo, showed mad love to the post and we started messaging back and forth chopping it up about pop-up shops, next releases, etc... I have mad love for what he is doing to build his brand and I am truly honored to be able to blog on his platform.

If you made it this far you are the shit and I really appreciate you. Thanks for reading and the support. More posts to come. The pleasure is all mine. I look forward to hearing feedback and comments on these posts. Tell me what you guys are looking at in between meetings and while your boss isn't looking, Ha ✌🏻

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