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Delray Black featuring OneTakeDrew 'Do Better'

Album Art cred: @tifftheartist_

 We hope everyone is having an amazing week. Although it's been a wet one, we are half way through and this weather is supposed to break just in time for the weekend.

Major shoutout to Delray Black has his new track 'Do Better' featuring OneTakeDrew which was released last month and just check out the cover. Both of these dudes were drawn up wearing pieces from Simple To Society. This is huge and strikes high on the support radar. For one thing, the track is fire and another, these dudes are constantly seen wearing something SIMPLE®. 

'Do Better' is available on all platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tital and SoundCloud so do yourself a favor and go check these guys out.

Delray Black / Photo cred:  @callmevo

Delray Black / Photo cred: @shotsoflyfe

Delray Black / Photo cred: @sarsthetic

Go support your local artists. Whether it be clothing, music, art, food, coffee, you name it, go and show your support. Post pictures and tag the people putting in the work. We all have dreams and we can all assist others in those dreams. 

We are following the hashtag #simpletosociety on Instagram to keep tabs on our supporters. Post pictures, come out to the events, it all helps move what we are trying to do forward. Huge thank you from us here at Simple To Society for rocking with us. Lets get it ✌🏻

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