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David Le Re-Opens Preset Shop

Simple To Society team member, David Le is known for creating crisp, colorful photographs and videos for personal and client use. Check his Youtube and his list of Partners and Collaborators and yeah, you get the picture, no pun. Known on Instagram as @minhute we at Simple® always look forward to a flick / video.

If you are looking for some go-to Presets to add to your LightRoom bag of tricks or just want to switch your colors up a bit for your IG feed, look no further than -

We took David's 'Gray LayFlat Preset' for a spin. The preset really gave these images a clean look while bumping up the Highlights and Whites in the images while making the grays and blacks pop off the page. STUDIGS took these photos of himself in the SIMPLE® Black Pocket T and the new Virginia T-Shirt that just released.

Check them out and tell us what you think in the comments. Give us a shout if you have tried any or all of them.

For more examples of the Gray LayFlat Preset check out the latest post at STUDIGS.COM

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