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Support Sticker Slap Culture

Since the invention of stickers in 1935 people have been sticking them on either their personal property or other's property. No matter where you put them, you are doing what is known as, Sticker Slapping. The act of placing a sticker on someone's personal property.

We here at SIMPLE® support this culture. What better way to get the word out about the brand than to pass out stickers to our supporters and have them do whatever they want with them. 

When you order anything from Simple To Society® you will find we place stickers in each package. Use these stickers to show your support. Put them on your laptop. Put one on your phone. Put one on your partners phone or even their car.

Some of our favorite places to see SIMPLE® stickers is on road signs, electrical boxes and even parking meters. Any place that gets tons of foot traffic will make us happy and expose the brand to everyone walking by.

Anytime you see one of our stickers out in the wild, take a photo and tag us on Instagram and be sure to use the #simpletosociety hashtag for a chance to be featured in our IG Story. Help spread the word of avoiding the complications of daily life. Do all of your friends a favor and share this post, share a SIMPLE® sticker with your friends and family. Get them hip to our brand and send them to our Instagram. 

We thank every single one of our supporters. Without you our message would not be where it is today. You rock ✌🏻

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