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RECAP || Simple To Society x NORDSTROM Pop-Up

Legendary. Absolutely, legendary. This is the best way to describe our Pop-Up at Nordstrom over the weekend. Huge thanks to their team for helping us set this up last minute. They really hooked it up. I mean, did you see our set up? Did you see the location of the booth? You couldn't help but to walk by the Simple To Society booth and see our name stamped all over.

It was a busy Saturday in the mall in general. Swarms of people, some dressed in Halloween costumes, some dressed in their Saturday's finest. Nordstrom was no different. The amount of people that were turned on to Simple To Society Saturday was unreal. The look on their faces when passing through the mob of SIMPLE family, they couldn't help but to stop and ask, "What is Simple To Society?". Any one of our team members were happy to answer and 9 times out of 10 they walked out with something to buy.

If you have paid attention to our Instagram, we have been reposted your stories. Seriously could have made a movie out of all the footage taken that day. On top of all the social media mentions, we had our group of shooters out capturing moments as well. Check them out below. You might be in them if you look closely. Thank you all for coming out and showing love. So great to see familiar faces but to also gain memories with some new ones as well.

"WE DON'T DIE, WE MULTIPLY" - Simple To Society®

These images were captured by our boy Mark Enriquez aka @1llest

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