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SPLASH 💦 - Never Be Without Water

Whats happening SIMPLE Family -

There are a few more water bottles left in stock! If you have been without a water bottle all spring and summer long and have been wishing you had a vessel to carry that cold, sometimes hot water around with you wherever you go, hit this link and purchase yours today. They will be gone soon.

Think of this scenario. Your homie says, "Yo, let's hit the beach!" You grab your shorts, board, phone, keys, and backpack and hit the sand. After an hour of thrashing through waves you come back to the hot hot sand wishing you had something to drink. But wait... You don't have a bottle to carry anything in. When all you needed to do was read this blog post, purchase a bottle from the Simple To Society store and utilize the nifty keychain to hook it on your backpack for easy transport. 

Do yourself a favor. Like all these photos from our homie David Le - Then click this link and get you a bottle all to yourself. Never be without water. It's good for you. 

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